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Braintree Bouncy Castle Provide Soft Play Hire and Bouncy Castle Hire to Families in Braintree, Witham and surrounding areas in Essex.

Bouncy Castle Hire in Essex, at its Best!

Braintree Bouncy Castles professionally hires out indoor and outdoor bouncy castles with soft play and other Party equipment for childrens birthday parties, weddings, childrens christenings and other celebrations, for toddlers, children, teens and adults in Braintree and around Essex.

Please use the Blue navigation bar on the left to navigate around some of the best Bouncy Castles, Soft play and Party Packages available in Braintree and the rest of Essex.

We Can offer you expert advice about how to run your birthday party and where to position your bouncy castle or soft play for it to be safe and as much fun as possible.

We Contact you regarding your bouncy castle booking, to ensure everything is still running to schedule, and confirm all bookings via email and text message to ensure maximum peace of mind.

​Braintree Bouncy Castles are Great Value for money. We always look to create the best party environment, whilst not breaking the bank for you. We can provide smaller bouncy castles for toddlers and children, And BIG castles for bigger kids and adults.

We provide the safest hire option for your children and pride ourselves on our safety record.

Please View our "Why Choose Us" page, to see exactly why you should hire Braintree Bouncy Castles for your next birthday party.

Hire a Bouncy Castle in Braintree or the rest of Essex.​

We are based in Braintree, Essex and supply all of Braintree and many surrounding towns and villages of Essex, including Witham, Great Dunmow, Thaxted, Colchester, Chelmsford, Halstead, Gosfield, Stebbing, Haverhill and other places in Essex. Input your postcode in the postcode checker box at the top to see if we can Deliver your Bouncy Castle or Soft Play for FREE. We offer FREE Delivery on all deliveries in Braintree, Witham and some surrounding towns and villages of Essex

All of our bouncy castle hires include the Best customer service around. Braintree Bouncy Castles have a 100% reliability record. All hire prices include FREE local delivery of your bouncy castle and soft play, setting up, dismantling and taking away, as well as safety mats covering the whole step of the bouncy castle and a large amount of floor for soft play and fan hire.

We hire children and adult bouncy castles, soft play, party equipment and other items for indoor hire and outdoor hire as well. We can supply for venues and halls, garden (weather permitting) and indoor and outdoor events like fetes, gala's, fundraisers, and school hire. All of our bouncy castles, Soft play and other quipment is maintained to the highest possible standard and is tested on a regular basis.

So If your looking to Hire a Bouncy Castle, Soft play or other party equipment In Braintree or anywhere in Essex, Or need some party ideas for your next birthday party, Look No Further Than Braintree Bouncy Castles.


Braintree Bouncy Castles is a family run business in Essex who are proud of the service we provide when setting up our bouncy castle, soft play and other equipment at your parties.

Why Choose Braintree Bouncy Castles?

Why Choose Braintree Bouncy Castles to provide your entertainment at your Childrens birthday party or celebration?

Hire a Bouncy Castle in Confidence

Believe it or not but Hiring a Bouncy Castle and soft play as a business is not as easy as it seems. Some Bouncy Castle companies in Essex like to take short-cuts when hiring out their inflatables.

  • Question... How do I Know my Bouncy Castle Hirer follows these Industry Guidelines?
  • Answer... Unfortunately You Don't until its too late and they've arrived and set up your Bouncy Castle or Soft play, Even companies Boasting they have insurance, follow all safety guidelines and ​have an amazing safety record could be breaking the industry standard.

Here is a List of Inflatable Industry standards, to help you better understand the health and safety and law aspects of your next party hire.

  • Does the bouncy castle company your hiring from have Public Liability Insurance?

If the bouncy castle company you hire from doesn't have public liability insurance and you have an unfortunate accident, How will the company in question afford to pay out any compensation owed.

Braintree Bouncy Castles has 5 Million Pound (£5,000,000) worth of Public Liability insurance on our equipment.

  • Is the bouncy castle company your hiring from a Member Of BIHA (British Inflatable Hirers Alliance)?

Being a member of the BIHA is a Trade standard for bouncy castle operators today. It ensures that all members adhere to a Level of Professionalism and teaches companies a Code of Conduct and Trade standards they should adhere to.

Braintree Bouncy Castles is a Full Member of the BIHA and BCO. This means we are up to date with the latest in trade standards and safety concerning your bouncy castle or soft play party..

  • Will the Bouncy Castle or Soft Play company explain all the safety rules to the hirer?

Nothing is worse than when your bouncy castle party is in full swing and your power trips. This could be because of the Nasty weather outside, or there was a fluctuation in the mains.. Either way, your electricity could cut out and your safety apparatus could kick in. If you don't know how to reset your safety cut out switch, or reset your bouncy castle fan, then your party could be ruined.

Braintree Bouncy Castles will install all hire equipment (including bouncy castle, soft play, party supplies and games) and once everything is in place we will show you all the guidelines in place. We will explain the safety rules on all equipment and how your electricity safety pack works. We will also leave you with our direct number to contact us should anything need explaining again or you need assistance at any point in your hire.

  • Does the Bouncy Castle Company take your Safety as ABSOLUTE paramount?

​Every Hire event or party that Braintree Bouncy Castles attend will involve a basic risk assessment (involving your hire equipment on the day) and every safety precaution will be taken to ensure you have the safest fun possible on our Bouncy Castles. We pride ourselves on our 0 Rate incident report, which means that no accidents have ever been reported, and we intend to keep it that way by always ensuring that every part of the exit of your bouncy castle has mat protection on the floor, and a large space is reserved for your soft play and ball pit. For indoor bouncy castle bookings we use 5 mats covering the entire outside area of the step leading onto the bouncy castle. On Grass we use at least two mats on the front of the bouncy castle step. We always make sure you have enough mat coverage when you hire out our soft play and ball pit. We use Sandbags on the anchor points (indoor bookings) and stakes on the anchor points (outdoor bookings) regardless of indoor or outdoor bookings, Grass or hard surface indoors.. Safety First, Every Time!

We also use the latest in bouncy castle fan cover protection and waterproof extension reels to ensure your equipment stays as safe as possible outdoors.

We use an RCD (residual current device) cut out device that will instantly cut off all electricity should you ever get a short circuit or overload. If your hire is outdoors and dad accidentally runs over your extension wire with the lawnmower.. That electricity will be isolated within 40 Milliseconds. That is FAST >>> !!

  • Does the hire company your hiring from have up to date reviews on their website?

This may seem like an Odd point to make, but having relevant up to date reviews on a website can show whether a bouncy castle company is still as good at their game as they were two years ago. If they dont have up to date reviews on their website, or any reviews at all, you should really take a closer look at what your getting.

At Braintree Bouncy Castles, we ask all of our previous customers to spend 2 minutes writing a small review of the service they received with their Bouncy Castle Hire. We are proud of our reviews and would obviously take any suggestions on board to ensure we can give the best service possible in the future.

View our Website Reviews Here And our Facebook Reviews Here

  • Does the company you hire from have Social Media?

​Nearly everybody uses social media in todays world in one way or another. From Facebook to YouTube. Social Media in a business shows people what they are like behind the scenes, the fun side of business, Offers and promotions and of course, you get to see their inflatables and other soft play and bouncy castles in action.

Social Media like Facebook encourages companies to make a Facebook Business Page that will show reviews, photos, videos, small blogs about the company and what you can expect when you hire from them. If the Bouncy Castle Company you hire from doesnt have a Social Media Page, you should ask yourself, Why?

Braintree Bouncy Castles have an Active Facebook and Twitter account which we regularly update to show customers our newest stock, what fun stuff we get up to on our time away from the bouncy castles, and offers and promotions. We also have yet another review system, for all of our facebook followers and friends to fill in after they've had an amazing bouncy castle hire in Braintree Essex.

View our Facebook Page Here

If you want to view our range of Bouncy Castles, Soft play, Mascots and many more wonderful party items, safe in the knowledge your getting the best hire experience in Essex, Then please Click Here :)

If you cant find the bouncy castle or soft play your looking for or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call Braintree Bouncy Castles on 01376494454

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