Heverhill, Essex. Bouncy Castle Hire

we have hired out several Bouncy Castles and Soft Play packages to Haverhill.

It appears to be a very popular choice for our customers to be, as even as we write this today, we had another Customer from Haverhill hire a package.

We have found some wonderful Venues in Haverhill, which is partly in, and on the outskirts of Essex, and Seen some lovely Homes were we have set up our Bouncy Castles.

Be sure if your ringing from Haverhill to ensure you have secured your Hall booking as we have spoken to several Hall Hirers and they have mentioned their halls are very busy a lot of the time.

Our bouncy Castles fit very well in many of these halls and venues.

Be sure to look at our Minion Theme Party Packs. These have been extremely popular with the Boom of Minion Merchandise and Films. Find them Here.

If you cant find the bouncy castle or soft play your looking for or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call Braintree Bouncy Castles on 01376494454

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